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Men Care Too

Sep 4, 2023General news

Did you know that 42% of unpaid Carers are men. Our figures show that almost half of these Carers are not getting any support. We wanted to know why men aren’t registering and we’ve found that there are lots of reason like…

  • ‘I thought only the main Carer could register’
  • ‘My husband doesn’t really need anything from Carers Support right now, or at least he wouldn’t ask for it’
  • ‘We care for each other but my ailments are less than my partners’
  • ‘I’m just his Dad, I wouldn’t class myself as a Carer’
  • ‘I just help out because I’m her son’
  • ‘My brother often comes and helps too, but he wouldn’t sign up for support’

There’s are just a few of the reason’s men have not registered! We’re making it our mission this September to try and reach out to those unpaid Male Carers and get them signed up for support. We’re running a campaign where all men in September that sign up for support are entered in an Amazon £50 Voucher Draw. They may only want to be registered for information only, and if so, they will still be entered into the draw… and receive a Carers Discount Card too.

To register with us:

  • The person must be an adult Carer over the age of 18 years.
  • The cared for person must live in County Durham or Darlington.
  • The person must provide unpaid support for a family member, partner, friend, or neighbour who could not manage without their assistance, due to an illness, disability, substance misuse or mental health.

If you are or know an unpaid male Carer who you think should be signed up.. click here  and complete the form.

Together we can show that Men Care Too.