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About us

We are the primary Carer support service in County Durham and Darlington, working in partnership and funded by Durham County Council, Darlington Borough Council & the NHS.

In July 2012, five local Carer Support charities merged to form Durham County Carers Support. Together they covered the old district council areas of County Durham and had all begun around 1995.

It was agreed to come together to ensure that all Carers across the County got an equitable service. The organisation has gone from strength to strength and now supports over 24,000 Carers across County Durham and Darlington.

We are a voluntary organisation which provides free high-quality services and support to unpaid Carers over the age of 18, who support someone living in County Durham & Darlington or caring for someone living in County Durham & Darlington.

A registered charity and company limited by guarantee, we can work with you to help you find the information you need to care for someone and can inform you about other services to help you look after yourself.

To speak to us, or make an enquiry, please call 0300 005 1213 or email

What we do

We support over 24,000 Carers in County Durham and Darlington, offering a one-stop shop for available information and support.

We can provide:

  • One to one tailored support
  • A listening ear
  • Help with completing forms
  • Access to grants and funding
  • Help to take a break from your caring role
  • Signposting to relevant organisations who can also support
  • Groups and Events
  • Training on various topics
  • Counselling sessions
  • Carers Discount Card
  • Carers Emergency Card
    Our Vision and Mission

    Our mission is:

    “To improve Carers lives”

    Our vision is:

    “We will create a community where Carers are recognized, valued and supported”

    Our values are:

    • Fairness
    • Empower
    • Innovation
    • Sustainability
    • Together – Partnership
    • Participation
    • Safety
      Who’s who...

      ae are governed by a Board of Trustees and our Chief Executive and Senior Management Team is responsible for day-to-day operational management of services and staff.  We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of Carer Support Coordinators that provide information, advice and help people become valued and supported in caring roles.

      The Board of Trustees:

      • Audrey Vasey 
      • Janet Potts (Chair)
      • Marion Usher
      • Marilyn Normanton
      • Victoria Burnip
      • Ian Briggs (Treasurer)
      • “Ife” Olanrewaju Oluwatuyi 
      • Karen Vasey

      Chief Executive:

      • Jenni Wood

      Business and Finance Manager:

      • Jacqui Coulson

      Operations Manager:

      • Liz Johns


      If you have any enquiries, please contact Durham County Carers Support on 0300 005 1213 or email

        Quality Mark

        In April 2021 Durham County Carers Support successfully attained Level 1 of the Trusted Charity quality mark.  This is awarded after assessment of 11 quality areas providing external verification of the quality and credibility of our organisation.

        It is a nationally recognised award and demonstrates that our organisation has:

        • improved the way it works – providing a better quality of service to those rely on it
        • more efficient organisational systems and procedures – freeing up much needed time and energy to focus on what matters
        • engaged the whole organisation – involving everyone in the process of improving the way they work
        • provided greater credibility and legitimacy – by reassuring beneficiaries, supporters, donors, volunteers and staff who want to know their organisation is well run, accountable and transparent.