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LGBT+ Carers Support

Supporting the whole community

Carer Support

We want to support all unpaid Carers in County Durham & Darlington. To do this we want to increase our visibility amongst marginalized groups and ensure that we appeal to all members of the communities we serve. We know that many LGBTQ+ Carers report feeling isolated and that they can struggle to access inclusive services. 

Durham County Carers Support & Darlington Carers Support are inclusive, supportive organisations. We need to ensure that all Carers feel welcome to access our services and to highlight that we offer tailored support which is reflective of the fact that no two caring roles are identical. If you feel you would like to support us to increase our visibility across the LGBTQ+ community, please get in touch. 

Click HERE for information on Advocacy support for Carers.

For more information on how we can support you contact us on 0300 005 1213 (Durham) or 0300 030 1215 (Darlington).