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Counselling for Carers

Counselling provides a safe platform to allow time for reflection and a place that offers a sympathetic ear and time for you.


It’s a chance to be heard in a non-judgemental environment, counselling can help you plan strategies and identify and deal with a variety of situations.

Our counsellors display empathy and are accepting, regardless of circumstances. They can provide coping skills and demonstrate techniques to help you gain confidence. If you think counselling would help support you in your caring role, we are here for you. Counselling sessions can be carried out over the telephone, face to face or online.

We try to accommodate all Carers’ needs, but there are occasions when we’re unable to accept a counselling request. For instance, if your issues are separate from your caring role, you’re suffering clinical depression or experienced abuse, then we can’t offer counselling, but we will help you to find help for your specific needs.

This is a FREE service funded by our 50:50 lottery club 50:50 Club Lottery so if you haven’t already please sign up to keep this valuable service going. Alternatively if you would like to make a one off donation to our Charity please click here.

If you think you would benefit from support from one of our counsellors, please contact our Carer Support Team on 0300 005 1213 (Durham) or 0300 030 1215 (Darlington) or email us from the Contact us page.