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Benefits and Grants

A hugely important part of the support we offer is around maximising your income. From filling in benefit forms, giving advice on what you can apply for or helping you get a grant to access something you really need.

We have our own Carer Wellbeing Fund and work with Turn2us, Carers Trust and a whole range of other grant makers. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience so talk to us to find out more. Alternatively try out the online Turn2Us benefit and grant calculator below.

If you would like further advice on benefits and grants, please call us on 0300 005 1213 (Durham) or 0300 030 1215 (Darlington) or email 

Mary’s story.

Mary contacted us when she found herself in financial difficulties with a large shortfall in a funeral bill for her Mum, Maude.

Mary had previously given up her own home to care for Maude and had accepted a reduced benefit income to provide the day-to-day care that she felt was needed. We supported her to identify all claims that were relevant to her new situation and she successfully applied for a Carer Element within Universal Credit.

Durham County Carer Support are accredited intermediaries for national charity Turn2Us, therefore we were able to apply to the Turn2Us Response Fund for assistance with the £1800 shortfall that was not covered by a Funeral Grant.

This application was successful and Turn2Us paid this directly to the account within a week, so Mary didn’t have any additional stress following the loss of her mother.

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