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Money Matters Advice

Our Money Matters Project is here to support Carers with any money struggles and help find ways to reduce your costs and help you budget

Funding to take a break new

In December we launched an exciting new project aimed at supporting Carers to improve their financial wellbeing, particularly as the cost of living crisis impacts us all.

 Through this project we will help Carers to take control of their money ensuring they have access to all financial support available to them such as welfare benefits, grants, discounts, better deals and credit whilst also minimising expenditure through practical advice on how to budget and look at money saving/making opportunities.

 We will be holding workshops on cooking on a budget, money makeover and budgeting.

 We will also be support Carers by looking at how we can be more money wise with things like broadband and mobile deals, accessing safer credit providers and much more.

 You’ll see useful tips and factsheets on here and on our social media channel as the project grows. 

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Visit the Turn 2 Us Benefit Calculator

Did you know that we have a benefits Calculator on our website? Millions of people are missing out on thousands of pounds. Check what you are entitled to now

We Love this   GoCompare – Interactive Energy Cost Calculator
Click the link above to access an interactive energy cost calculator tool to find out how much something costs to run. Use the calculator to pick the appliances you want to compare and select how long they’ll be in use for! Look before you Cook

Some energy suppliers have support funds and hardship grants available for customers who are struggling. If you are in debt to their energy supplier, you might be able to get a grant from the supplier to help pay it off or from British Gas Energy Support Fund – apply for a grant on the British Gas Energy Trust website. These grants are available to anyone – You don’t have to be a British Gas customer to be eligible

If you think you might benefit from this support please contact us on 0300 005 1213 or text MONEY followed by your name and telephone number to 07800 005830

Funding to take a break new

Useful things you can do now:

Follow Martin Lewis and receive emails. 23 tips for saving in 2023

Follow Yorkshire Energy Doctor for great tips and advice

Join the Academoney. A free online adult financial-education course

Find out what support is available from the Government 

Cooking Comparisons

How you cook can effect your bills. Find out more in this handy Fact Sheet that you can click on and download from our Money Matters Team.

Basic Tips for all households

This handy Fact Sheet, that you can click on and download from the Money Matters team packed with tips to help you make sure you are maximising your income and minimising your outgoings.

Tips to help you reduce your bills

Another handy Fact Sheet that you can click on and download from the Money Matters team to help you reduce your bills.