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Welfare Benefit Support Volunteer Role

Jul 24, 2023General news, Vacancies

Volunteer Application Form

Description of Volunteer Role

Volunteer role: Welfare Benefit Support Volunteer.
Reporting to: Volunteer Benefits Project Worker and the Project Lead.
Purpose of the role: To support Carers with benefit application forms therefore
helping to maximise Carers income. Most Carers struggle financially because they do
not claim the welfare benefits to which they are entitled. We help people to claim the
welfare benefits they are entitled to by matching a trained Volunteer and filling in the
forms on their behalf. This can include scribing where a Carer has additional needs,
online to assist them or face to face.
What skills does a welfare benefits advisor need?
A welfare benefits advisor needs:
▪ Empathy and patience.
▪ A professional, friendly and approachable manner.
▪ Attention to detail.
▪ A non-judgemental approach.
▪ Willingness to learn about benefits and participate in ongoing training.
▪ To work with integrity.
▪ To work within DCCS’s policies and procedures including GDPR.
What training do we provide?
Successful applicants would need to undergo training sessions on teams or in person
and these sessions can be arranged on days mutually suitable for the trainees and
How much time do we expect you to give?
Once trained, you can commit to as many or as few clients per week as you
wish. Each form can take between 1 – 3 hours. There are quarterly meetings that
provide support and additional training to keep up with new legislation and peer
support sessions which you are expected to attend 2 of the 4 from in a yearly period.
What is our commitment to you?
▪ We will provide initial and ongoing training to help you develop your knowledge
and skills.
▪ We will continue to support you in your role, providing information and advice
as necessary.
▪ We will discuss with you any problems you may have with your role, or any
concerns we have.
▪ We will reimburse reasonable, approved out of pocket expenses

If you or anyone you know may be interested in this new Volunteer role please get in touch, or if you would like more information please call: 01915006010 or Email:

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