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Meet Our Therapy Dog

Sep 20, 2023General news

Bella is our Therapy Dog, in training. We are working with The Paws Therapy Dog Certification Programme to train Bella to become our Therapy Dog so that she can offer support to Carers in County Durham and Darlington. For years, it’s been proven that Animal Assisted Interventions and Animal Assisted Therapy for adults and children can effectively reduce anxiety and stress, help with blood pressure, foster positive emotions, improve social interactions and boost the quality of life to name a few.

Once the training is complete, our trained dog handler and therapy dog can come to health care facilities in your local area or even schools, colleges and community centres. Her handler is an employee here so don’t be surprised if you see Bella occasionally if you pop into our offices in Spennymoor. Once she is certified, she will be attending lots of groups and events for Carers.

Here’s how she is getting on: TikTok