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Mental Health Carer Support Group – For Carers supporting an adult who is living with mental ill health

Carers Support Group   

Are you supporting an adult who is living with mental ill health? 

If so, there is a Carers Support Group that you may find helpful.  

The group is there for you to get support from other Carers, TEWV staff and a worker from DCCS. There is always time to talk, share and listen.  

We can also arrange for discussion focussing on particular conditions and/or input from specialist workers – whatever the group decide.   

The person you are supporting could be getting support from Community based Adult Mental Health Services, currently be an in-patient or not using any services – if you are supporting them this group could help support you!  

The group meets on the 1ST Thursday of every month  

from 6pm – 8pm  

at  Lanchester Road Hospital, Lanchester Road, Durham DH1 5RD   

If you are interested please contact Anthony Douglass – Mental Health Carer Support and Development Worker for Durham County Carers on 01325 524605 or email