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Connecting Carers Volunteer Vacancy

Aug 9, 2022Vacancies

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Durham County Carer Support (DCCS) Volunteer Role Description
Volunteer Role – Connecting Carers Volunteer
Areas to be covered – County Durham and or Darlington
Reporting to: – Connecting Carers team (CC) and Volunteer Project Lead (VPL)
Purpose of role – To support Carers to access online services
Carers who have not been able to access online training, meetings or see family during the
pandemic have been at a huge disadvantage. We began a project in January 2021 to identify
and support those Carers whether they are complete beginners or have some limited
knowledge but want to know more. We are recruiting volunteers to help us expand the
project and reach more people. We need volunteers to support staff with online workshops
and courses as well as support people one to one or in groups. You don’t have to be an IT
professional but have the practical knowledge and understanding to help someone get over
the challenges of a range of tasks like sending an email, getting onto a Zoom meeting or using
a smart device like Alexa. We will be working towards meeting Carers face to face in the
Autumn of 2021 as well as continuing to hold online meetings, so we need volunteers to
support us in both ways.
Duties :-
• Understand and support Carers to use all sorts of equipment, operating systems and
software programs and apps
• Assist the CC with any surgeries or workshops wherever possible
Induction, Training & Supervision
We carry out a DBS as part of the application and induction process
Training can be provided where necessary
Supervision will be provided by the CC. This is normally every 6 months however can be
requested at any time by either the CC, VPL or the Volunteer
Personal Specification
• An understanding of and a sensitive approach towards the situations, needs and
difficulties faced by Carers
• Good knowledge and understanding of hardware, software and systems needed
to achieve the aims of the project
• Good knowledge and skills of using online meetings via Zoom and Microsoft
• The ability to empathise with Carers of all ages and abilities and to support them
to overcome their fears around IT
• Ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels
• A flexible approach to times and days