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Positive Approach to Care™ – Online


5:30 pm / 7:30 pm

Course Cancelled

Unfortunately, our Trainer is unable to attend the Positive Approach to Care course online scheduled for 28th June, 5th July and 12th July. As a result we have no option but to re-schedule this course More info on new dates will be provided asap.

Are you caring for someone living with Dementia? 

We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to attend a 3-session course full of useful information and techniques to help you to manage what can be a challenging caring role. The Course Tutor is Amy Smith who, in her role as Lead Occupational Therapist with TEWV NHS Trust Older Persons Mental Health Services, has a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to share.

Positive Approach to Care™ training focusses on what skills remain, rather than what is lost. It explains the changes in the brain and why people living with dementia may behave in a certain way and supports the care giver to appreciate what it is like to live with dementia, to accept the person with dementia is unable to change but that the caregiver can be flexible in their approach to make care giving easier by matching the approach with the specific needs of the individual.

“I have personally found it very helpful in providing insight of how individuals with dementia experience life through the stages.”

“ Amy was a fantastic trainer, explained things very easily and very knowledgeable. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending her sessions and learned a huge amount.”

This online course will be held via zoom  a link will be sent to anyone wishing to attend. Book here